Graduating Classes


Graduating Canine Link Class September 4, 2014. Congratulations!
Kyle Utter & Gacamo, Lucinda Vermeulen & Bear, Karen Muir & Murray, Jan Seward & Chloe

Dear Canine Link:
Just a note to let you know that Fairview Hospital in Gt Barrington has been an amazing venue to volunteer at for Maya and for me. I would recommend it to any team interested. Yes there are lots of steps in the process and hoops to jump through ( including a TB test for me). But it’s all worth it…the staff is amazing and the patients are delighted with the therapy dog visits. Heather Barbieri is more than supportive, she wants to make it work and she gives everything.

It is so rewarding to do this work and I’m grateful to Susan Fireman for training us and to Liz Marino for helping us attain our goals.
Best to all,
Catherine ( and Maya)

Graduating Canine Link Class June 15, 2017. Congratulations!
Janet Elsbach & Sylvester, Leslie Miller & Sirius, Bill Capasse & Aime, Rachel Woodney Stein & Benny, Catherine Gevers & Romeo, Liz Marino & Sweetie Pie











Graduating Canine Link Class in Great Barrington, MA. 2013
Val Latona with Cody, Bill & Judy Powers with Fritz, Julie Brady with Baba and Jennifer Owen with Bailey.
Job well done!



Graduating Canine Link Class in Great Barrington, MA. 2013
Kyle Cunningham & Gacamo, Lucinda Vermeulen & Bear, Karin Muir & Murray, Jan Sweard & Chole
Job well done!




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